• Will the doctor call in a prescription for me?
      All physicians require you to come in for an appointment in order to get a prescription refill.


    • Which radiology facilities does Calvert Orthopaedics retain privileges to view images?
      We have access to American Radiology, Radiology Imaging Associates and Calvert Memorial Hospital. If you had your images taken elsewhere, please bring in the disk/films along with the report to your appointment.


    • Does Calvert Orthopaedics have its own x-ray capabilities?
      We are able to take x-rays at our Prince Frederick and Dunkirk locations; at our Solomons location, if x-rays are needed the hospital’s X-Ray department is located within the building.


    • What should I bring to my appointment?
      We require that you bring your insurance card(s) and photo identification. If your insurance requires a referral and/or co-payment, you must bring those items as well. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain their referral. Failure to bring any of these items may result in your appointment being rescheduled.


    • Can someone else pick up items for me?
      Only legal representatives can pick any items up for you unless you have signed a release form stating otherwise. This applies to prescriptions, physical therapy orders, forms, medical records, images, school notes, and orders. If you would like to have someone else pick up your items, please go to patient forms and print the medical release form. Include a phone number that you can be contacted at the time of pick up for verification of the release form.


    • Is there a charge to have a form completed?
      Yes, there is a $27 charge per form. A form is classified as anything requiring a doctor’s signature. The form fee does apply to worker’s compensation claims; you can submit the bill to the worker’s compensation insurance for possible reimbursement. No exceptions.  


    • If my doctor is unavailable, may I transfer care to another doctor in the practice?
      No, the practice does not allow patients to transfer care between physicians. It is best for your care to stay with physician who has been treating you.


    • I have a balance.  Will you set up a budget plan for me?
      We are more than happy to place you on a budget plan as long as the balance will be paid within four months.  Please contact billing at 410-535-1343 option 7 for more information regarding a budget plan.


    • What is your office cancellation policy?
      Please give us a forty-eight hour notice if you plan to cancel your appointment. However, we do understand that sometimes last minute conflicts occur.  We retain the right to cancel any patient from our practice for “no shows” or unpaid balances.


    • How can I obtain copies of my medical records?
      Copies of medical records may be obtained with advance notice. We have retained a professional service to handle the duplication and transfer of medical records.  The company performing these services is Record Reproduction Services (RRS) which can be contacted at (410) 919-9253.  If you are asking for records to be delivered directly to you, for a non referred treatment or second opinion there is a $20 charge for reproduction and delivery.  Referred second opinions, continuance of care, and records sent directly to your PCP will be processed at no charge.  All payments for medical records should be made to RRS.  There is Medical Records Release Form available providing detailed directions of RSS processes.